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Last Chance For Life Lessons Bonus Gifts

Thank you very much for your help on June 9! We almost made it! When you purchased the book, Life Lessons at, then you helped make it one of the top selling success books last Thursday! On launch day, your act of purchasing Life Lessons moved the book ahead of more than 1,000,000 books available. Congratulations! I really hope [...]

06.09.11 – Not Just Another Thursday

Mark your calendar for this Thursday, June 9, 2011. Here’s the reason why:

Get Signed Copy of Life Lessons by Brian Bartes

Would you like Brian Bartes to sign your copy of Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life? Would you like a gift copy personalized for the recipient? If you answered “yes” to either question, then here’s what you need to do: 1. Order your copy (or copies) from the Life Lessons [...]

Download Your Free Chapter of Life Lessons

When you’re looking for a book to purchase at the bookstore, you probably look at its cover, turn it over and review the back cover, then open it up to read a bit of the book. Since you’re not in a bookstore, and Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life won’t [...]

Review Copy of Life Lessons

In an effort to create buzz leading up to the June 9th release of my upcoming book, Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life, I am pleased to offer review copies of the book. The publisher will be sending the book out later this month. If you are a blogger, publish [...]

Countdown: One Month to Life Lessons

The long-awaited day is almost here—the release date for my newest book, Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life. I’m SO excited for the book to be released, and I hope you are, too. We’re planning a huge book launch on June 9, so check back often to read all the [...]

Joan Lunden Writes Foreword for Life Lessons

Great news, everyone! Television journalist, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Joan Lunden has written the Foreword for Life Lessons. I am so happy for her participation in this project, and I’m very humbled that she liked the book enough to write the Foreword. Here’s a “sneak-peek” at what she wrote: “When Brian Bartes asked [...]

Praise for Life Lessons

I’m so excited for the release of the book, which is now slated for June 9! (Put that date on your calendar!) The feedback so far has been very positive. Here’s what people are saying about Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life: “Wonderful coaching for a great life! If you’re [...]

Thank You For Being A Friend

If someone asked you—in the midst of your already busy life—to critically read and review a 300-page book you had just written, would you do it? It was a big “ask” on my part, but that’s exactly what I did with Life Lessons. I was looking for people who I knew would point out the [...]

Miss Maine Puts Sister Ahead of Pageant

When the Miss USA Pageant was moved from its traditional date in April to a new date in June, Miss Maine USA knew she wouldn’t be competing. Emily Johnson said she would miss the pageant because her older sister is getting married that day. Emily, a Baylor University graduate and accomplished pianist, can still keep [...]