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Last Chance For Life Lessons Bonus Gifts

Thank you very much for your help on June 9! We almost made it! When you purchased the book, Life Lessons at, then you helped make it one of the top selling success books last Thursday! On launch day, your act of purchasing Life Lessons moved the book ahead of more than 1,000,000 books available. Congratulations! I really hope [...]

Life Lessons from Jay-Z

When you think of how to achieve success in your career, I’m guessing that hip-hop icon Jay-Z doesn’t enter your mind as a role model. One of the traits of successful people, however, is they learn what others are doing to create success, and attempt to apply those lessons in their own lives. Whether or [...]

Who can benefit from Life Lessons?

For high school and college students who are getting ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives, and for adults who are looking for the motivation and action strategies to improve their lives, Life Lessons is a great playbook for your life journey. I suggest the book as a great gift for graduations, [...]